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Discover the history of costumes and jewellery in Iran from 3000 BCE to the modern times.


This book with 446 drawings, reconstructions and original pictures of spectacular museum objects, presents an original and exciting look at the colourful history of clothing and jewellery in Iran. Spanning a period of 5000 years, this is the first book of its kind, covering history of clothing and jewellery in a pictorial format. Superb reconstructions of clothing worn by men and women, from original objects and artifacts in the museums, reveal for the first time a complete history of clothing in Iran. See real brooches, bracelets, earrings and pins worn by ancient Iranians. Marvel through the hats, caps, crowns and hairstyles of ancient nobility, kings and queens. Samples from centuries old textiles, tools and materials provide a unique insight into the arts of fashion and beauty in Iran.



  • 446 pictures and drawings provide the most complete pictorial account of Iranian costumes and jewellery.
  • A complete chapter on hats and crowns based on reconstructions from ancient coins and artifacts.
  • Brief texts on each page, describes the most important aspects of clothing for each period.
  • Glossary & Index

Beauty and Fashion

Color: white
  • Product ID: AN004

    Author: Massoume Price

    Publisher: Anahita Productions

    Cover Type: Hard Cover

    Dimensions: 8.77 x 11.18 Inches

    No. Of Pages: 112 Pages

    ISBN: 978-0-9809714-3-9

    Release Dtae: Feb 2012

    Target Reader: 8+ Years



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